Am I weeping? (DIP dripping floors)
TRIPLA, Bologna, 24/10/18-07/11/18, curated by Paolo Bufalini and Filippo Cecconi.
Some of the tribes are in the business of sucker-punching people’s psyches. Then there are the tribes at the breast of telecommunications every evening after work. Day after day they experience waking nightmares but they’re too exhausted and fearful. The world looks back at them, with all things deemed outside of their Histories—plants, animals or machines—not activated by their gaze, but as acting and evolving in concert with them. The more computed and mediated their environment becomes, the further back it returns them to their past, boomerangs them right back to an animistic world view where everything has a spirit, glass, rocks and fibres, data-storage, speaker, cables and motors. So all the objects in the world become more responsive, things that were once regarded as dumb become addressable, and that universal addressability—a network of things— creates this enchanted landscape. Magic is now breathable, but it stinks. The intervention address how things in the present networked environment coexist, resonate and speak between each other, accumulating and projecting productive and desire forces, destruction and decay.