NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam, 31/05/19-08/06/19 group show curated by MRZB
Filippo Cecconi
MRZB with William Miller
Paolo Bufalini
Pietro Agostoni
Tomasz Skibicki / Stachu Szumski
Set by: kareem lotfy, Buga, TRANS MUM

A late Sunday afternoon, as the evening approaches, a black cloud appears thrusting the city into a state of culpability, the injunction of wellness and self-fulfillment sneaking into the domestic cocoon: as the City Inhabitants open their doors, the cloud sneaks into the vases, pots of flowers, tables and furniture beautifying their living room, hiding quietly under their couches and beds. Waking up from a late evening snooze, the City Inhabitants felt more octopusly than ever, looking at the smooth shape of their pillows glaring at the last sun rays hitting the window, their homes felt evil