mrzb is a collective interested in autonomous form of discourse and peripheral positioning based between Torino and Amsterdam.
mrzb are Andrea Parenti, Désirée Nakouzi De Monte, Filippo Tocchi, Pietro Cortona.

Solo: K_Night, Bastione San Maurizio, Torino, 2019; Haptic rooms missing deeds,, 2018; Amsterdam; Am I weeping? (DIP dripping floors), TRIPLA, Bologna, 2018.
Group: G.O.D., Proague Pro, 2020; Solo show, 2020; Pot of Mormorii,, Amsterdam, 2019; Beneath the Beach, Seamless paving Stones, Rizome parking garage, The Wrong Biennale, 2019; Lili’s diaries, MACAO, Milan, SATURNALIA, 2019; Snoozin’Gutsss, NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam, 2019; Tulpamacer, Kampung Ava Kayu, 2019; Streaming Realities, Grace, Athens, 2018; Communal Leaking, Macao, Milan, 2018; Feedback #1 Marshall McLuhan and the Arts,WEST, Den Haag, 2017.

Associazione Barriera
Cripta747, Studio