Pssia 30.06.2020

Ukkazzal Habrak Rexula 30.06.2020 G.O.D. by Plague Pro

The Hunt of Shuum, in a v tight pale Dimple 05/04/2020-16/04/2020 Solo Show

Innui Innui’s Gate (x mutation) in Silent Machine by Hyperlink 2019/2020

Weathered Shabby Shabby Brenches:Vernal Festivity of the Four Clari 22/02/2020 Lungo Stura Lazio,Torino

Pot of Mormorii 15/12/19,Amsterdam

Beneath the Beach 01/11/19-03/04/20 Rhizome Parking Garage for the Wrong Biennale

Lili?????’s diaries 20/06/19-25/06/19 Saturnalia,MACAO,Milano

Snoozin’Gutsss 31/05/19-08/06/19 NEVERNEVERLAND,Amsterdam

Tulpamacer 13/04/19 with Underground Flower,Kampung Ava Kayu

K_Night 15/03/19-29/03/19 Bastione San Maurizio,Torino

Communal Leaking 17/11/18-21/11/18 Macao,Milan

Am I weeping? (DIP dripping floors) 24/10/18-07/11/18 TRIPLA,Bologna

Haptic rooms missing deeds 09/06/18-18/06/12,Amsterdam