KIKI'S FUGUE: SPLEEN AT THE VERGE OF BOREDOM 2#, 07/06/2023-11/06/2023, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, Amsterdam

Spleen at the Verge of Boredom 2# is a new work by MRZB, produced and presented in a semi-derelict stripped down office building in the Amsterdam city center.
The work is based on the picaresque wanderings, transitions and displacements of the protagonist, Kiki, via different mental and physical spaces and states. The camera follows her inside and outside the screen in slapstick loops, expressive, repetitious, hysterical, abstracted, neurotic. Presenting itself as an exercise in improvisation, performed by the character’s mechanized double, the work unrolls a globular cosmo, stretching an undulating expanse of contexts (offices, homes, TV sets) in a psychedelic melange of registers (personal, confessional, theatrical, absurd) and aesthetics.
Diaristic entries are mixed and merged with visionary moments, lyrical waltzes alternates with industrial refrains, corporative leftovers and office paraphernalia are blended with emporio-moda and goth-like empty headed puppets, emerging from a broken suitcase or displayed around the leftovers of a bathtub, they define a dark carnivalesque sculptural language of discarded objects-humans dolls, voyeuristically staring back at the viewer. If the installation of the sculptural and scenographical groups feels like processual residues, the film edits the fragments back together, amplifying abject stacks of processual collective affects both as a performance - for objects of interrupted characters and theatrics - of the work itself and as an object per-se.
Kiki’s Fugue: Spleen at the Verge of Boredom 2# is a work which grew as a group reaction to an unfamiliar, precarious feeling of distance to a world, the one of the city itself, where investments and control invaded each of its corners, and which, like a parasite, is naively crawling in the subjects, marking and distorting their vision.