With Anastasia Kreslina, Dafne, MRZB, Katya Kabalina. Hosted by MRZB and Sergey Kantsedal.


KIKI'S FUGUE: SPLEEN AT THE VERGE OF BOREDOM 2#, 7-11 June 2023, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, Amsterdam

Conceived as an experimental collage of kinetics, text, sculptures, music and film, Kiki’s Fugue: Spleen at the Verge of Boredom 2# is a new work by MRZB, produced and presented in a semi-derelict stripped down office building in the Amsterdam city center.


Feral G - 27/11/2022-11/12/2022, Amsterdam

In An House for the parts lost (3 moons in Scorpio), a toy house becomes a miniaturized photographic set for a series of arrangements, cut and reassembled together. The exteriors and interiors of the Frankenstein-like- household leak upon each other, collapsing into further interior and exterior spaces via inserts of faded diaristic, photographic memories.


Rusty S. & Pitti Blue o Le Sorelle I-IV - 22/09/2022-16/10/2022

Rusty S. & Pitti Blue o Le Sorelle I-IV is the third fragment of STILI DRAMA, a para-cinematic work that the collective develops episodically, appropriating the formats of the spectacle – magic tricks, film, theatre – by deflating them and re-presenting them as grotesque film sets, filmic fragments, publications, monstrous horrific and other characterisations.


STILI DRAMA XLI-XLII: La Giostra di Lulu - Ottobre 2021

STILI DRAMA XLI-XLII: La Giostra di Lulu, filmato interamente sulle sponde del fiume Stura, nella periferia nord di Torino, il frammento filmico si presenta come un’allegoria dell’opera come spettacolo o gioco di prestigio.


STILI DRAMA XVIII-XXI 04/06/21 - Bologna

Stili Drama XVIII-XXI is a photographic series accompanied by a script for film (...) presented in the spaces of Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Bologna.


Shoock! L’Estasi di Sinto Jacqueline e Mara 06/02/2021

Shoock! L’Estasi di Sinto Jacqueline e Mara is an exhibition presented by MRZB with props from Ultimo Impero, an abandoned club located in Airasca in south of Turin functioning as scenographic display to the works of the invited stylists, artists and musicians.

Le-Stanze-Di-Mauve, mrzb

Catalogo - Le Stanze di Mauve nel Reame dell’Irreale



Le Stanze di Mauve nel Reame dell’Irreale at Spazio Barriera 02/10/20 — 31/01/21 Turin

‘’The rooms are like a body’’ it whispered ‘’where everything must relate intimately’’, from an echo it suddenly became a dot, a darkened puncture in front of her head, that, starting with low undertones, ventured into thicker and thicker rhythms.


Pii Potti Potti

Pii Potti Potti is a three scene absurdist tragicomic radio-operette by MRZB and Rin Lynn Suemitsu, with Ivan Cheng and Tomic Mina, produced and developed in Amsterdam between November 2019 and July 2020 and released episodically on Montezpress Radio.


Pssia 30/06/2020

Presentation of the space in Lungo Stura Lazio

mrzb-Ukkazzal Habrak Rexula-Plague Pro

Ukkazzal Habrak Rexula 30/06/2020 G.O.D. by Plague Pro

Ukkazzal Habrak Rexula presents itself as a display of objects and in process works developed during the making of Lungo Stura Lazio, MRZB’s studio and collective space. Past performative props and happenings’ leftovers are presented together with allegorical objects and symbolic materials in a display which reminds that of the cabinets of curiosities

mrzb-The Hunt of Shuum-Solo Show

The Hunt of Shuum, in a v tight pale Dimple 05/04/2020-16/04/2020 Solo Show

Three skits, with photoromanzo narration presented for the off-site organized by Solo Show

mrzb, Innui Innui’s Gate (x mutation) in Silent Machine by Hyperlink

Innui Innui?s Gate (x mutation) in Silent Machines. 2020. Athens

Filmed and Edited by Hyperlink Athens, 08:35’ minutes, Mini DV. Lyrics and Sound by Georgios Karamanolakis Quarantine, 2020. with Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig, Alexandra Koumantaki, Emmy Skensved and Yannis Voulgaris

mrzb, Shabby Shabby

Weathered Shabby Shabby Brenches:Vernal Festivity of the Four Clari 22/02/2020 Lungo Stura Lazio,Torino

The skinny shiny bottom of a thin Clari crawling around, sticking its snout into the soil, tickled by a lowing wet muzzle, sniffing and licking the moon-round face gleamin’ at anything that expresses a void that their communities had filled with edifices and monsters in order to understand the absence of ground.

Beneath the Beach 01/11/19-03/04/20 Rhizome Parking Garage for the Wrong Biennale

Beneath the Beach, seamless paving Stones. Onine pavillion curated by Rhizome Parking Garage for the Wrong Biennale. 01/11/19-03/04/20


Lili?????’s diaries 20/06/19-25/06/19 Saturnalia,MACAO,Milano

The Friends, the House, the Spider, the Dwarf, People only say things they don’t know, can’t understand, that’s the reason we found the house. That’s what social discourse means. People only say things they don’t know, can’t understand. The words when spoken collide into each other and in that collision meaning gets formed. Some spend their lives chasing after it, never really understanding the process until it’s too late, trapped, squeaking like mouses they need to get some air and their facesout of a window.


Snoozin’Gutsss 31/05/19-08/06/19 NEVERNEVERLAND,Amsterdam

NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam, 31/05/19-08/06/19 group show curated by MRZB with Filippo Cecconi MRZB with William Miller Paolo Bufalini Pietro Agostoni Tomasz Skibicki / Stachu Szumski Set by: kareem lotfy, Buga, TRANS MUM


Tulpamacer 13/04/19 with Underground Flower,Kampung Ava Kayu

Kampung Ava Kayu, 13/04/19 Off-Site Group Show by MRZB with Underground Flower


K_Night 15/03/19-29/03/19 Bastione San Maurizio,Torino

Bastione San Maurizio, Torino, 15/03/19-29/03/19 organized with Bastione San Maurizio, curated by mrzb and Pietro Agostoni. works by mrzb, Pietro Agostoni, Hélène Padoux and Trikkboi. A track by Qualiatik with a text by mrzb read by Ivan Cheng has accompained the exhibition. Opening live-set: Kareem Lofty, Heith.


Communal Leaking 17/11/18-21/11/18 Macao,Milan

Macao, Milan, 17/11/18-21/11/18. Group show and residency organized and curated by mrzb with Ada Rheintal, Andrea Belosi, Javier Rodriguez Fernandez, Benni Bosetto, Filippo Cecconi, mrzb, Paolo Bufalini, Pietro Agostoni, Tomasz Skibicki, Younwon Sohn. Resilience ‘tendency to rebound’ indicates our potentiality to react to an environmental or psychological variation. The exhibition will investigate the notion of ‘resilience’ as an attempt to re-configure states of uncertainty and unexpectancy.


Am I weeping? (DIP dripping floors) 24/10/18-07/11/18 TRIPLA,Bologna

TRIPLA, Bologna, 24/10/18-07/11/18, curated by Paolo Bufalini and Filippo Cecconi.


Haptic rooms missing deeds 09/06/18-18/06/12 Bologna.cc,Amsterdam