PII POTTI POTTI, 27/01/2021, Montezpress Radio

Lynn Suemitsu
Ivan Cheng
Mina Tomic

Pii Potti Potti expands an ongoing collaboration between MRZB*, Lynn Suemitsu, Ivan Cheng and it stems from the performance exhibition project Pot of Mormori in Bologna.cc, Amsterdam, in December with contributions by the above-mentioned artists and by artist Alexander Iezzi. Presenting itself as an audio-extension of the text-based-performance, originally presented in Bologna.cc, Pii Potti Potti has been re-framed in an open dialogue between the artists. The editing process attempted to give space to their individual practices, in order to sculpt and re-orient the original manuscript. Composed of three voices, a score for clarinet and a library of sounds, recorded at the Red Bull Studio Amsterdam, Pii Potti Potti gives a poetic, eerie hallucinating picture of a haunted house, where three fairy-like characters alternate conversations and virtuosi monologues with moments of choral derive. The voices, not presenting themselves as three closed-off separated identities, are constructed through processes of mimicry, expulsions and transitions in between. The result is an outlandish recital – where the voices repetitively absorb each other's presence overlapping, twisting and turning themselves throughout the piece - reflecting on a subconscious isolated domestic space, driven by loneliness and exhaustion. Concealed beneath a sleek surface, different layers of social critique meld with absurdist aesthetics and tragicomic narratives to create a homelike-schizo landscape of fantasy and desire, where heightened emotional states erupt in and through the domestic body.

POOTTI POTTI: YUPI DUPY, A MISSED PEAK, 22/09/2020, Montezpress Radio

Ossi Lehtonen
Lynn Suemitsu
César Brun
Tsai Mong-Hsuan

Pootti Potti: Yupi Dupy, a missed peak is the second work of a tryptic of radio-plays, written and produced by mrzb with Lynn Suemitsu. The different recursions are organized around a week of readings performed by close friends. Pootti Potti: Yupi Dupy, a missed peak has been read and performed by Ossi Lehtonen, Tsai Mong-Hsuan and César Brun. The script re-organises and re-writes materials written between spring and autumn 2020 in Turin for different exhibitions and events MRZB organized at Lungo Stura Lazio and at Associazione Barriera. The work narratively expands the fictional world developed in the previous segment Pii Potti Potti presented in September

MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Installation view, bologna.cc, Amsterdam MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Installation view, bologna.cc, Amsterdam MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Alexander Iezzi MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Lynn Suemitsu, Ivan Cheng MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Alexander Iezzi MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Alexander Iezzi MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Installation view, bologna.cc, Amsterdam MRZB-PII-POTTI-POTTI Alexander Iezzi